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In 1994, we spent a week in the Seychelles after our safari.
We stayed on Mahé and Praslin, and made visits to Cousin, Curieuse and La Digue.

The Seychelles are islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Their beauty is legendary, and not exaggerated
They lie 620 miles from Madagascar and 2000 miles from India. most of the readily visitable islands (with the exception of Denis) are granitic, which gives them their distinct appearance - no other oceanic islands in the world are granitic.
They are not a mass-market tourist destination - the Seychelles government is aware of the potential environmental damage which mass tourism could cause. In addition, no hotel may be built above the height of the palm trees!
The Seychelles are of interest to naturalists for many reasons, but their flora and birdlife are of particular interest.