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Crab Spider
There is a super-abundance of marine invertebrates in the waters off the islands, including many crab species, corals, jellyfish and sponges. This makes the islands a delight for snorkelling and diving.

There are 70+ species of Spider in the Seychelles.
This one is the Seychelles Palm Spider, which is very conspicuous by its size (the females grow to over four inches across) and its rapidly-woven webs which are often seen between telegraph wires.
Happily, it is harmless.

Reptiles are represented by:
1 tortoise
3 turtles
3 terrapins
5 geckos
3 skinks
1 chameleon
3 land snakes (harmless)
1 sea-snake (highly venomous, but very rarely seen.)
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There are several species of mudskipper. They can live in the inter-tidal zone for some time, using their pectoral fins as legs. Their high eyes are excellent for spotting danger, when they will quickly skip back to the water.

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