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Zanzibar and Chumbe Island Bird Lists

Mouse-coloured Sunbird at nest
This Mouse-coloured Sunbird was building a nest in the grounds of Mbweni Ruins Hotel, where we stayed.


(Mainly in the grounds of the Mbweni Ruins hotel)

Afr. Paradise Flycatcher
Broad-billed Roller
Common Greenshank
Crab Plover
Green-backed Heron
House Sparrow
Indian House Crow
Lilac-breasted Roller
Little Egret
Swift Tern
Western Reef Heron


Zanzibar Red Colobus
Galago Sp.

Chumbe Island

African Paradise Flycatcher
African Reed Warbler
Cattle Egret
Dimorphic Egret
Indian House Crow
Little Swift
Mouse-coloured Sunbird
Palm Swift
Red-capped Robin-Chat
Red-eyed Dove
Roseate Tern
Zanzibar Sombre Greenbul

Coconut/Robber Crab
Many other crabs
Green Tree Snake
Other reptiles.
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