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Chumbe Island Wildlife - Zanzibar

Coconut Crab (called Robber crab in the Seychelles) (23k) Coconut Crab in its hermit phase (11k*) Hermit Crab (10k*)
One of the most notable examples of the fauna of Chumbe Island is the Coconut Crab, a crab which has an oceanic phase, a hermit crab phase, then a mature phase in which it is nocturnal and climbs trees. (The claim that it clips off coconuts then climbs down to eat them is unproven!) There are lots of hermit crabs on the island. In fact, there should be signs on all the tracks saying "Caution, shells crossing"
Ghost crab (7k) Fiddler crab (14k) Crab (18k*)
There are lots of other crabs, including fiddler crabs . . . . . . ghost crabs . . . . . . and crabs you'll need to identify for me.
Lots of lizards and skinks. A good place to watch out for all sorts of crabs, lizards, birds and even a green tree snake (harmless!) is the compost heap - just watch all the crabs bee-lining towards it. Lizard 28.5k)
Young Mouse-coloured Sunbird (15k*) Mouse-coloured Sunbird. Dimorphic Egret (10k*)
Dimorphic Egret, so-called because it also has a white morph, when it is difficult to distinguish from Little Egret.
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