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Tarangire NP

Tarangire is particularly famous for its baobab trees, its birds, and its large herds of Elephants, especially in the dry season. We visited in July 1998, during the dry season, but water levels had been extremely high due to the El Niño event. The big numbers of animals drinking at the river were therefore not in evidence, but we saw plenty of animals and many bird species, and our visit was very worthwhile.
Baobab tree(21k*)

A baobab tree, which legend says God uprooted and replanted upside down.Baobab trees are excellent nest trees for birds, many of which, such as Barn Owl, nest inside the trunk, as do bats.

White-crowned Shrike - 20Kb

White-crowned Shrike

Ashy Starling - 17Kb

Ashy Starling: a Tarangire speciality

View down from camp to the Tarangire river, which is so important to the Park's ecosystem, especially in the dry season (14k)

The permanent waters of the Tarangire River

Woodland Kingfisher

Woodland Kingfisher

Trumpeting elephant - a grumpy young female, who actually pursued us - we didn't start off anywhere near her! (13.5)

A Tarangire Elephant - close up!

African Hoopoe - a species knocked off the lists - just like that!

African Hoopoe, which Sibley and Munroe have as a separate species, has been 'lumped' with the Eurasian Hoopoe by other authorities.
Hoopoe at Amboseli

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