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Zebras (and a lioness!) in the Serengeti

'Drinkick' - it's better not to get too close to the zebra in front! (26k*) Zebras drinking at a stream (29k)

We were travelling north, quite near Seronera heading towards Lobo when we suddenly came across a large herd of Zebra drinking just at the side of the main road. Luckily, we could pull over to the side of the road, so we were able to stay with the zebra and a few Wildebeest for over an hour as they came and went. In all that time, not one other vehicle stopped to watch!

lioness eating zebra foal 19k lioness eating zebra foal - 22Kb

A pride of lions had been seen to kill eleven zebras within 48 hours. They were all lying about, well-sated. A very small Zebra foal wandered away from its mother just in front of the Lion, and, unusually, he killed it - too easy to resist.
For a long time, none of the Lions was interested, but just before we came on the scene, this Lioness came over towards it. At first, she just sat with it, then she seemed to be licking it for a while, before she started to eat it - not very hungrily.
Of course, this happened under a bush, and no matter how we tried, we couldn't get a view completely clear of the long oat grasses, whic create the 'haze' at the front of the images.

lioness eating zebra foal - 34Kb
lioness eating zebra foal - 26Kb Lioness with bloody mouth looking over zebra foal - 21Kb
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