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Images of Serengeti NP

In 1998, we stayed a week in the Serengeti, three nights at Lobo Lodge in the north of the Park, and three nights in Seronera Lodge in the centre of the National Park. Both of these lodges have 'buffet picnics' which you choose after breakfast, which means you can stay out all day. You can also opt to have lunch in the Lodge, but why bother?

Ah'm a wee moose, ah'm a werry moose Rufous-tailed weaver: a bit of a cheat really - this pic was taken in Ngorongoro! (8k*) Elephant tossing dried grass
Grass mice were easy to see in
the Serengeti - but we haven't
even seen one anywhere else:
not even in Masai Mara
Rufous-tailed Weaver, endemic to
northern Tanzania
This elephant seemed to be using the dried grass to 'dust' itself after bathing
Rock Hyraxes - easy to love (22k) A very lucky Tortoise (18k*)
The very gregarious Rock Hyraxes at Lobo Lodge A very lucky tortoise, which Alan managed to spot just in time!
Spotted Hyaena: difficult to love, but apparently they are very good mothers. Cute ears, though (24k)

Spotted Hyaena
The strange colour cast is from a faulty batch of Kodachrome 200 :-(

Lilac-breasted Roller (11k) Funnily enough, I have a photo of an Indian Roller in an almost identical post on a rock.

Lilac-breasted Roller

Young male lion - bottom of the pecking order, so he gets left with the 'spare ribs' (17k*)

Young lion on remains of a wildebeest prey after the rest of the pride had left

Red-billed Buffalo-weaver

Juvenile Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver

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