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Sketch of a Selous Elephant

This is Duncan's on-the-spot sketch of the 'breakfast elephant' at Selous Safari camp.
This was a real camp elephant. The first night we stayed at the camp, we were awakened by loud rumbling at very close range. After a few minutes I plucked up courage and looked out, and there was an elephant, within touching distance, trying to shake down a fruit from a tree just outside the tent.
When I went swimming one afternoon when the camp was quiet, one of the staff said that if the elephant came to the pool I had to stay in the water while they worked out a way of getting me out!
No need to worry, though, as there are askaris around all the time to watch for elephant and any other dangers. I just used to ask "Tembo yuko wapi?" (Where's the elephant?)

Duncan's sketch of the camp elephant at Selous
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