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Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kenya is about 45km south-west of Mombasa, and is about 312 km² of gently rolling hills and coastal rain forest. As it is up to 450m above sea level, it is a welcome cool relief from the heat of the coastal strip.
It is best known for being the location of an isolated, relict population of Sable Antelope, with its beautifully proportioned, curving horns.
Shimba Lodge
There is one lodge in the Park, Shimba Lodge, which overlooks a waterhole, which at least during our stay was unvisited. The lodge itself is attractive, built in the Treetops style. When we were there, there was a treetop boardwalk out to a treetop bar, where weddings could take place.
Red-bellied Coast Squirrel Red-bellied Coast-Squirrel
At dinner, bushbabies come round the tables looking unbearably cute, looking for titbits of fruit.
At breakfast, the same role is played by the Red-bellied Coast Squirrel.
Sable Antelope female with Oxpecker
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The relict Shimba population of Sable Antelope is officially listed as Endangered.
Mature female Sable Antelope
Older females are very dark in colour. We didn't manage to see any males, but were pleased to spend time with small groups of females with young.
Female Sable Antelopes form groups or 'clans' of varying numbers, who are hostile to each other when they meet. Infants are dun-coloured, darkening as they grow. Males are completely black (with white markings) by the age of five.
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