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Kids jumping 25k

Jumping for joy!

Another example of the children having fun jumping off the rock.

The young children live in the villages.

When they are about seven, the boys go out to look after the sheep and goats, older boys look after the in-milk cows near to the village and the il-murran (warriors) look after the remaining cattle, perhaps travelling considerable distances to find water and grazing in the dry seasons.

Boys are circumcised in age-sets, around the ages of 12-15. The circumcision is carried out by a non-Samburu. For about a month after the circumcision ceremony, the initiates wear black clothes; after that they change into the red, often checked, 'shuka' and grow their hair so that they can style it into elaborate plaited hair-dos, and can smear their bodies with red ochre.

This warrior stage is lots of fun for the young men. They are not allowed to marry, but they can have girlfriends.

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