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Samburu home

Traditional Samburu home

The women build the houses - a good wife can build one in a day, though a young bride - who may just have reached puberty, if she is not in school - may be helped to build her first home.

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There is a strict hierarchy about where the houses are built, according to the husband's position in the village and whether the wife is his first, second, third etc. Each wife has her own hut which she shares with her children, and her husband 'visits' all his wives. The huts are built in a circular layout with a thorn barrier around the outside of the circle (seen behind the hut above) to protect the people and livestock from potentially dangerous animals like lions, leopards and hyaena.

This particular home is 'adapted' - the roof would traditionally be plastered only with a dung/water mixture, but this village is near enough to a lodge to benefit from 'recycling'.

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