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Entrance to a Samburu home

Entrance to a traditional Samburu home.

This home has the more 'traditional' roof made of plastered mud/dung, hides and grass mats stretched across a pole framework

The Samburu move their villages as conditions dictate; the word 'Samburu' means 'butterfly' in Maa, and got this name because of their constant movement.

There are between four and ten elders (often related) in each village, which then consist of their wives and families. Each wife has an average of nine children.

The men can have as many wives as they can afford, and payment is by cattle. This is negotiated with the girl's father. Unless in school, the girls are often married just after puberty, immediately after their 'circumcision' (female genital mutilation).

A school education normally increases a girl's bride price.

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