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In East Africa, the best place to see Gerenuk is in Samburu and Buffalo Springs. In Swahili, its name is Swala twiga, or 'giraffe-antelope', because of its long neck. It is a browser, especially of acacia, and has an ecological niche of its own. Because of its long neck, and its ability to stand up on its hindlegs to browse, the Gerenuk has a feeding area between that of the other gazelles and that of the giraffes. They are very elegant animals, and it is my ambition to get the definitive Gerenuk image, with a group of Gerenuk browsing around a bush, including a male, all looking photogenic at the same time. (I don't want much!)
Nearly the 'classic' Gerenuk photo - but where's the male? (19.4k) Young Gerenuk stay with their mothers until they are 12 - 18 months old (11k*) Female Gerenuks may have four calves within three years (16k)
Female Gerenuk browsing 26k This Gerenuk seems to have seen us. (12k*)
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Always on the lookout for danger
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