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Small animals of the Samburu complex, Kenya

Don't ever forget the smallest creatures in your search for the 'big five'. The smaller animals are harder to see, and much harder to photograph, and so are all the more worthwhile to seek out. It's also more difficult to get a positive identification on them - your best bet is The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals.
Tortoise (21k*)
Squirrel (14k)
Cape Hare (16.5k) From the Kingdon guide, I'm surmising that the lagomorph is a Cape Hare, the squirrel is an Ochre Bush Squirrel and from the Insight Safari Special, I'm guessing that the tortoise is a Leopard Tortoise.
If you know different, please email me!
Dwarf mongooses coming out of termite mound Kirk's Dikdik
(Above) Dwarf mongooses often take over termite mounds. This colony was right next to the veranda at Samburu Lodge.
(Right) Kirk's Dikdik are only about 14" high. It is said that if one dies, the other will die within a short time. They are preyed upon by almost everything: even Martial Eagles.
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