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African Elephants in the Samburu Complex

Elephants are among my favourite animals and I always spend as much time with them as possible. They're always doing such interesting things, and their interactions are fascinating. They are so photogenic, and even if you only had a compact camera, you could hardly fail to get your subject 'big in the frame'! Elephant eating
Elephants leaning on tree
Elephant's eye Elephant calf nursing
Elephants going down into the Uaso Nyiro river A particular feature of the Samburu elephants is that they can be seen crossing the river, or coming to the river to drink, but you need a lot of luck - or a knowledgeable driver-guide - to be at the right place at the time they are doing it.(often just before lunch)
Elephants grappling in river Elephants crossing Uaso Nyiro river
On our second trip the rear view (above right) was the only one we got, and it was two years later before we were able to spend over an hour with a family bathing and drinking, greeting and grappling facing us - but they didn't cross!
Elephants in the Uaso Nyiro River In 2002, we spent the whole of one of our after-breakfast game drives with the elephants which had come down to the - much depleted - river to bathe.

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