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Animals and birds seen in Shaba, Kenya.

When we were in Shaba, in July 1996, most of the animals were out of the reserve. It was particularly hot and dry. However, it is a beautiful reserve, and is a good place to look for Somali Courser. As the Guidebook to Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves (highly recommended) says:
"Much of Shaba's charm lies in the splendour of its topography, which includes deep gorges and waterfalls on the river, open grasslands dotted with springs and swamps, and rocky hills and dusty plains strewn with lava boulders."
Baby elephant walking in its mother's shadow (16k)
I read recently that elephant calves usually walk in their mother's shadow to protect their delicate skin from the sun.
I'll need to make a point of watching out for this.
Elephant mother & calf (17.5k)
An elephant calf which can go right under
its mother's tummy is less than a year old.
Secretary Bird (19k*)
Secretary Bird
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe with Oxpeckers
Spur-winged Plover in the grounds of Sarova Shaba lodge (17k*)
Spur-winged Plover
Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill (23k*)
Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill
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