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  Samburu Complex Accommodation

On our first trip (1994), we stayed for just two nights, at Samburu Lodge. This is a large, well-run, clean lodge managed by Block Hotels.

There were several different types of accommodation available at this lodge.
We had a large, detached, cottage-type room, there were semi-detached rooms and there was also a two-storey block.

Samburu Lodge (21k)
Samburu Lodge, on the Uaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve

On our second trip (1995) we stayed at Samburu Serena Lodge. On this visit, we were upstairs in a large room with a balcony, overlooking the river. When we returned in 1999, and in 2002, we had a semi-detached room with a verandah. In-room services are lavish - towels are changed with alarming rapidity, drinking water is bottled, and bathroom goodies are also replaced when used.
The staff are very pleasant - we find that all lodge staff appreciate 'long stayers'. This is also a large lodge, very clean, lovely meals. The only downside is that in the large dining area, lone travellers or couples can feel a bit 'swamped'. I guess this would also apply to Samburu Lodge, but we were with a larger group on that trip, so it didn't seem so obvious.

Samburu Serena
Samburu Serena Lodge

For our 1997 trip, we stayed at Larsen's Camp. This is a small luxury tented camp about a mile from Samburu Lodge. At the time of our visit, there was no swimming pool, but guests could use the pool at the lodge. Since it is a small camp, the attention is very personal, and quite a few guests stay longer than the usual two nights. Also, many of the guests are safari 'returners', so you can share experiences and get new ideas for planning your next trip.
Tents are large, self-contained and comfortable with flush toilets and showers and a verandah.

Duncan working up his sketches on the veranda at Larsen's Camp (20k)
Larsen's is a small, friendly camp on the Uaso Nyiro.

In 1998, we stayed at Sarova Shaba Lodge. This was beautifully landscaped, with little lily ponds and streams flowing through it. It has a 'free-form' pool - most welcome in the pre-lunch heat. I can only imagine that other countries don't recommend against swimming on a full stomach, since I usually had the pool to myself, though it filled up soon after lunch. On one time I had the pleasure of sharing a swim with a small lizard.
The staff were very welcoming. When we were there, we were the only English-speaking guests, but I imagine this isn't always the case. Certainly Shaba is not on the itinerary of most 'standard' safaris.

Samburu Dancers. The Samburu are closely related to the Maasai, with whom they share a language and a tradition of pastoralism (29k*)
You can see Samburu dancers at Samburu Lodge
and at Samburu Serena Lodge
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