A Samburu 'lodge leopard'

Photos taken digitally with a Fuji Finepix 2800

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Leopard This is one of the famous Samburu 'lodge leopards'. Both Samburu lodge and Samburu Serena Lodge (on opposite banks of the Uaso Nyiro river) bait leopards, so that guests can watch them while sipping sundowners!
Leopard, usually very elusive, are relatively easy to find in the riverine forest around the lodges, where they usually lie up during the day, especially in the hour or so before sunset. This leopard just walking quietly to the lodge when suddenly she saw a Spring Hare and shot off after it, behind a small clump, and emerged with her prey between her jaws.
Leopard After eating it quickly, she went to lie on one of her usual fallen trees, accompanied by the usual circus of minibuses, to wait for the bait to be hung.
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