Samburu tribal dancers at Samburu Serena Lodge

Photos taken digitally with a Fuji Finepix 2800

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We spent five nights in the Samburu/Buffalo Springs complex. This is our favourite area. It is an area of semi-desert, hot and dry. There is a permanent river, the Isiolo and the wide Uaso Nyro (brown water) river. When we were there this year, the river was getting lower and lower, because (unusually for July) it wasn't raining in the Aberdares. I have seen a photograph of the Uaso Nyro when it was totally dried up. We felt that the area was quieter for both animals and birds than on previous visits, but still very much enjoyed our time there.
Samburu dancers At Samburu Serena Lodge (and also Serena Lodge), the local Samburu young people come and perform some of their traditional dances in the afternoons between lunch and the afternoon game drives.
This is a great opportunity for a different sort of photography, though you do have to be careful with the background, and the contrast between the shaded areas and the open areas is harsh.
A narrator explains the context of all the dances - e.g. after the lion kill, cattle-raiding etc.
Samburu dancers
Samburu dancers
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