Plains Zebras and Spotted Hyaena

Photos taken digitally with a Fuji Finepix 2800

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Zebras The zebra migration was well under way. One of the most interesting things about the migration is seeing things suddenly coming in. One morning, we noticed that there weren't very many zebras among the wildebeest seen on our early morning drive. 90 minutes later, after breakfast, an area just outside Keekorok Lodge, hundreds of zebra had suddenly arrived!
Zebras Oops! I've just looked at this picture and realised that it was not taken in Masai Mara, but obviously, because of the clarity of Kilimanjaro in the background, it was taken in Amboseli.
Spotted Hyaena We were leaving the Masai Mara on our last day when we came upon this Spotted Hyaena lying in the mud at the edge of a particularly lurid green pool. At first, I was sure it was dead, but it raised its head quite cheerily - green stuff dripping from its hair - and Jimmy assured us it was just keeping cool.  
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