Mara lions and vultures with wildebeest remains

Photos taken digitally with a Fuji Finepix 2800

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Lion Incredibly, this lion was the only male we saw in our whole safari - but he was handsome!
Lioness dragging wildebeest corpse We saw this small group of lions (two lionesses with two well-grown cubs and a smaller one) several times, as they were staying around the same area, right in the middle of where the wildebeest were passing through. The lion above was within a mile of them, but with two or three other lionesses. We didnt manage to establish if they were definitely one group or two, but didn't ever see them together. The group of five were looking plump, and were living on the wildebeest.

Duncan's Lion sketches
Lioness grooming cub This group interacted nicely, whether licking, grooming or playing. The cubs were always ready for a game, and reluctant to let their mothers rest. Once, one of the larger cubs sneaked up and pounced on a lioness who had just settled to doze.
Vulture tree The vultures were trying to get the remains of the wildebeest, but the lioness kept rushing at them before dragging it off to where the group was sitting.
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