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Cheetahs We had seen this group of a mother cheetah and her three well-grown young about 10km away three days earlier. On our last morning in the Mara we heard (via radio) that they were now quite near us. Since we are mellowing, we weren't going to charge after them if they were sleeping (Duncan calls it "doing the rug"), but we were assured they were lively, so off we went. True enough, they were well fed, sitting up and interacting. After about half an hour, they got up one at a time and walked off. For about ten minutes, we thought they were about to start a hunt - there were some Tommies about - but they really were well-fed, and they settled under a shady bush and settled for a mid-day doze - which was just as well, since we had a five-hour drive to Nairobi ahead of us.
Two cheetahs dozing under bush Duncan's Cheetah sketches
Samburu Cheetahs
2002 Safari
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