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Crater Lake Sanctuary, Lake Naivasha

'Out of Africa' hut The Crater Lake Sancuary was formerly known as Crescent Island, though it isn't actually an island! Some of the mammals have arrived naturally, but others were introduced for the filming of 'Out of Africa'.
The Wildebeest herd. According to the warden/guide, the instinct to migrate is so strong that they call one part of the sanctuary "Masai Mara" and the other end "Serengeti". Gnus at Crater Lake Sanctuary
Albino Grant's Gazelle (Left)
Albino Grant's Gazelle.
Both this and the next pictures are blow-ups of tiny areas of slide.
There were two on the sanctuary, but a python got the other one.
Just a reminder of what a 'normal' Grant's Gazelle looks like! 'Normal' Grant's Gazelle
Dhow, Lake NaivashaIt's quite spooky to see a sailing boat in the background when you're watching plains game!
You don't see Giraffes lying down all that often. Giraffe, sitting
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