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The Carnivore barbecue grill

The Carnivore Restaurant

This restaurant, near the airport, is one of Nairobi's tourist institutions. For meat-eaters, this restaurant is a real experience.
Game meat is served here - zebra, eland, antelope, zebra, crocodile, ostrich etc. Each is barbecued and brought to your table skewered onto a sword. The waiter indicates which sauce/dressing from your 'lazy susan' to take with each meat. They keep returning to offer more, and when you've had enough, you take down the little flag on top of your 'lazy susan' to indicate your sreadiness to start desserts.

There is, or certainly used to be, a vegetarian menu, on the back of the dessert menu, but I suspect most vegetarians would be put off by the ambiance. However, as many safaris have their farewell meal there, this option is worth knowing about and asking for.

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