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Baboons on and around accommodation signposts in Masai Mara (24k)

The Masai Mara is a large area with various habitats. The first thing to do is to decide where you want to stay - there are lots of choices in the Mara.
These Olive Baboons are obviously finding the decision a bit overwhelming!

People are always asking,
"How close can you get to a lion?"
Just as close as they choose to get to you, really!
Lions walking through a ring of safari minibuses (32k)
Keekorok Lodge has a waterhole and a short nature walk.  The walk can be very good for birds, especially early in the morning (21.5k) The Lookout Bar over-looking the waterhole at Keekorok Lodge, from our room. One day, a lion pride was sunning on the rock at the left hand side of the photo
Hippo Pools, on the Mara River.
Hippos look very placid, but are responsible for many human deaths in Africa.
Never get between a hippo and water!
Hippos piling up at Hippo Pools. Hippos spend a lot of their time slowly floating up and down in deep areas of rivers and lakes (26k*)
Buffalo and Oxpecker (16k*) The Buffalo is another of the most dangerous animals in the bush, and the only animals which the Maasai warriors fear - they can 'tree' you for days on end while they circle underneath. It is the old, lone males of which you need to be wary.
I liked the way the Oxpecker on this buffalo's neck was 'framed' by its horns.
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