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Bird List, Tanzania July 1998

We stayed one night at Mountain Village, on Like Duluti near Arusha, then went to Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro 'Crater', Serengeti National Park and Lake Manyara National Park, then flew from Arusha to Selous Game Reserve where where we stayed five nights, then on to Zanzibar.
African Fish Eagle Tarangire NP; Selous
African Golden Weaver Selous
African Grey Hornbill Manyara; Serengeti; Tarangire
African Harrier Hawk Lake Manyara NP
(African) Hoopoe Ngorongoro Crater; Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire
African Marsh Harrier Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti
African Openbill Stork NCA; Selous; Serengeti NP
African Palm Swift Lake Manyara NP
Afr. Paradise Flycatcher Manyara; Serengeti Zanzibar;
African Pied Wagtail Manyara; Serengeti; Tarangire
African Scimitarbill Selous
African Skimmer Selous
African Spoonbill Lake Manyara; Tarangire NP
African White Pelican en route
Amythyst Sunbird Lake Duluti
Anteater Chat NCA; Ngorongoro Crater
Arrow-marked Babbler Kirurumu Tented Camp
Ashy Flycatcher Serengeti NP
Ashy Starling Tarangire NP
Ashy-headed Bushshrike Lake Duluti
Augur Buzzard Lake Duluti; NCA; Ngorongoro

Bare-faced Go-away Bird
Serengeti NP
Barn Owl Tarangire NP
Bateleur Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire
Black Crake Ngorongoro Crater
Black Kite Ngorongoro Crater
Black Puffback Lake Duluti
Black-bellied Bustard Ngorongoro Crater
Black-bellied Sandgrouse Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Black-crowned Tchagra Kirurumu Tented Camp
Black-headed Heron Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire
Black-necked Weaver Tarangire NP
Black-shouldered Kite Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Black-winged Pratincole Selous
Black-winged Stilt Ngorongoro Crater; Selous
Blacksmith Plover Lake Manyara; NCA; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti
Blue-capped Cordon-bleu Serengeti NP
Blue-eared Starling Selous; Ngorongoro
Blue-eared Starling Serengeti NP
Blue-naped Mousebird Lake Manyara NP
Boehm's Bee-eater Selous
Broad-billed Roller Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
Brown-breasted Barbet Selous
Brown-crowned Tchagra Lake Manyara NP; Serengeti
Brown-headed Parrot Selous
Brubru Selous

Cape Robin-Chat NCA
Cape Rook Serengeti NP
Cape Teal Ngorongoro Crater
Capped Wheatear Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti
Cardinal Woodpecker Lake Manyara NP; Selous
Cattle Egret Manyara; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti; Tarangire NP
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse Serengeti NP; Tarangire
Chin-spot Batis Selous
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting Kirurumu Tented Camp
Collared Morning-thrush Selous
Common Bulbul Kirurumu; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti; Tarangire
Common Drongo Tarangire NP
Common Fiscal Tarangire NP
Common Moorhen Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Common Ostrich NCA; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti; Tarangire NP
Common Sandpiper Selous
Coqui Francolin Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Crab Plover Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
Crested Barbet Selous
Crested Francolin Lake Manyara NP; Tarangire NP
Crested Guineafowl Ngorongoro Crater
Crowned Hornbill Lake Manyara NP
Crowned Eagle Tarangire NP
Crowned Ibis Serengeti NP
Crowned Plover Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire

D'Arnaud's Barbet Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Dark Chanting-Goshawk Selous; Serengeti NP
Dickinson's Kestrel Selous
Double-banded Courser en route; Serengeti; Tarangire

Eastern Pale Chanting-Goshawk Tarangire NP
Egyptian Goose Manyara; Ngorongoro; Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove Selous; Tarangire; Manyara

Fan-tailed Widowbird Ngorongoro Crater
Fiscal Shrike Ngorongoro Crater
Fischer's Lovebird Serengeti NP
Fischer's Sparow-lark Serengeti NP; Ngorongoro Crater
Fork-tailed Drongo Lake Manyara; Selous; Serengeti
Fulvous Whistling-duck NCA

Giant Kingfisher Lake Duluti
Glossy Ibis Tarangire NP
Golden-winged Sunbird NCA
Goliath Heron Selous
Grassland Pipit Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Great Egret NCA; Selous; Tarangire NP
Great Sparrowhawk Lake Manyara NP
Greater Flamingo NCA; Ngorongoro Crater
Greater Honeyguide Selous
Greater Painted-Snipe Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Green Pigeon Lake Duluti
Green Wood-hoopoe Selous; Tarangire; Lake Manyara
Green Woodpecker Tarangire NP
Striated Heron Zanzibar; Selous; Serengeti NP
Green-winged Ptylia Kirurumu Camp; Manyara NP
Greenshank Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
Grey Crowned-Crane Ngorongoro Crater
Grey Go-away Bird Selous
Grey Heron Lake Manyara; NCA; Tarangire
Grey Kestrel Tarangire NP
Grey Woodpecker Tarangire NP
Grey-backed Cameroptera NCA
Grey-backed Fiscal Serengeti NP
Grey-capped Social-weaver Serengeti NP
Grey-headed Gull NCA; Ngorongoro Crater
Grey-headed Kingfisher Lake Duluti; Lake Manyara;
Grey-headed Sparrow Lake Manyara Lodge; Serengeti
Grey-rumped Swallow Ngorongoro Crater
Ground HornbillSelous; Tarangire NP
Gymnogene (Harrier Hawk) Selous

Hadada Ibis Lake Manyara NP; Selous
Hamerkop Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire;
Helmeted Guineafowl Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Tarangire; Selous; Serengeti NP
Hildebrandt's Starling NCA; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Holub's Golden Weaver Lake Manyara NP
Hooded Vulture NCA; Serengeti NP;
Horus Swift Lake Manyara Lodge; Serengeti NP
Hottentot Teal Ngorongoro Crater
House Crow Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
House Sparrow Mbweni Ruins grounds, Zanzibar

Jackson's Francolin Ngorongoro Crater

Kittlitz's Plover Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Knob-billed Duck Lake Manyara NP
Kori Bustard Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Lappet-faced Vulture Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Laughing DoveLake Manyara; Serengeti; Tarangire
Lesser Flamingo Ngorongoro Crater
Lesser MoorhenTarangire NP
Lesser Striped Swallow Manyara; Serengeti; Tarangire
Lilac-breasted Roller Lake Manyara; Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire; Zanzibar
Little Bee-eater Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Selous; Serengeti NP

Little GrebeNgorongoro Crater
Little Swift Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge
Long-tailed Fiscal Selous

Magpie Shrike Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Malachite Kingfisher Selous
Marabou Kirurumu Tented Camp; Serengeti
Marsh Sandpiper Selous
Martial Eagle Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Masked Weaver NCA
Montagu's Harrier Ngorongoro Crater
Mosque Swallow Tarangire NP

Namaqua Dove Lake Manyara NP; Tarangire NP
Nubian Woodpecker Tarangire NP

Olive Bee-eater Selous
Pale Flycatcher Tarangire NP
Palm-nut Vulture Lake Manyara Lodge; Selous
Pangani Longclaw Lake Manyara NP; Tarangire NP
Paradise Whydah Kirurumu Tented Camp
Pied Avocet Ngorongoro Crater
Pied Crow en route, Manyara - Ngorongoro
Pied Kingfisher Lake Manyara; Selous; Serengeti
Purple Grenadier Kirurumu Camp; Lake Manyara NP
Pygmy Falcon Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP

Red & Yellow Barbet Kirurumu Tented Camp; Tarangire
Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver NCA; Selous; Tarangire NP; Serengeti NP
Red-billed Duck Ngorongoro Crater
Red-billed Firefinch Kirurumu Camp; Ngorongoro Crater
Red-billed Hornbill Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Red-billed Oxpecker Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire
Red-billed Quelea Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Red-billed Weaver Serengeti NP
Red-capped Lark Ngorongoro Crater
Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Red-eyed Dove Ngorongoro Crater
Red-footed Falcon Selous
Red-fronted Tinkerbird Kirurumu Tented Camp
Red-headed Weaver Kirurumu Camp; Tarangire NP
Red-legged Partridge Tarangire NP
Red-necked Francolin Tarangire NP
Red-winged Bush-lark Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Red-winged Starling Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge
Ring-necked Dove Selous; Serengeti NP; Tarangire
Rock Martin Serengeti NP
Rueppell's Glossy-starlingSerengeti NP
Rueppell's Griffon Vulture Serengeti NP
Rufous Sparrow Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Rufous-tailed Weaver Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Rufous-winged Mannikin Lake Duluti

Sacred Ibis Lake Manyara NP; NCA; Ngorongoro Crater; Selous
Saddle-billed Stork Selous
Schalow's Wheatear Lake Manyara Lodge; NCA;
Secretary Bird Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Silverbird Serengeti NP
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill Lake Manyara NP
Sooty Chat Serengeti NP
Speckle-fronted Weaver Olduvai Visitor Centre; Serengeti
Speckled Mousebird Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro Crater; Tarangire NP
Speckled Pigeon Ngorongoro Crater
Spotted Morning Thrush Lake Manyara NP;
Spotted PigeonTarangire NP
Spur-winged Goose NCA; Lake Manyara NP
Spur-winged Plover Selous
Square-tailed Drongo Lake Manyara NP
Stonechat NCA
Streaky Seed-eater NCA
Striped Kingfisher Lake Manyara NP; Serengeti NP
Superb Starling Ngorongoro Cr; Serengeti; Tarangire
Swift Tern Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar

Tawny Eagle Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire
Tawny-flanked Prinia Tarangire NP
Three-banded Plover Lake Manyara NP; Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP
Tropical Boubou NCA
Trumpeter Hornbill Selous
Turnstone Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
Two-banded Courser Serengeti NP

Verreaux's Eagle-Owl Tarangire NP
Von der Decken's Hornbill Selous

Water Thick-knee Selous;
Wattled Starling Ngorongoro Crater; Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
Western Reef Heron Mbweni Ruins Grounds, Zanzibar
Whiskered Tern NCA; Ngorongoro Crater
White-bellied Bustard Serengeti NP
White Stork NCA
White-backed Vulture Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire
White-bellied Bustard Serengeti NP
White-bellied Canary Kirurumu Tented Camp; Lake Manyara NP
White-bellied Go-away Bird Tarangire NP
White-browed Coucal Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro; Serengeti; Tarangire
White-browed Sparrow-weaver Selous; Serengeti NP
White-crested Helmet-shrike Lake Manyara NP
White-crowned Shrike Lake Manyara; Serengeti; Tarangire
White-eared Barbet Lake Duluti
White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher Kirurumu Camp; NCA
White-fronted Bee-eater Selous
White-headed Buffalo-weaver Selous; Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
White-headed Vulture Serengeti NP; Tarangire NP
White-naped Raven Ngorongoro Crater
Wire-tailed Swallow Lake Duluti
Woodland Kingfisher Selous; Tarangire NP

Yellow-belied Greenbul Kirurumu Camp; Lake Manyara
Yellow-billed Egret Ngorongoro Crater
Yellow-billed Oxpecker Serengeti NP
Yellow-billed Stork Lake Manyara; Selous; Serengeti; Tarangire
Yellow-collared Lovebird Tarangire NP
Yellow-necked Spurfowl Tarangire NP
Yellow-necked x Greybreasted Spurfowl Serengeti NP
Yellow-rumped Seed-eater Kirurumu Tented Camp
Yellow-throated Longclaw Serengeti NP Yellow-throated Sandgrouse Serengeti NP
Yellow-wattled Plover Selous

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