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Bird List - Kenya, July 1996

We spent the first five nights in Nairobi, doing trips near town, inclucing into Nairobi National Park, then had two nights in The Ark, five nights in Shaba, then a night at Mountain Lodge, before returning to Nairobi and home.
Apologies for the list not being in systematic order: I kept the list on an alphabetical database on my palmtop.
African Fish Eagle Nairobi National Park
African Hoopoe Shaba
African Pied Wagtail Around Nairobi; Windsor G&CC
African Rock Martin The Ark
Anteater Chat Buffalo Springs; en route ACC - Ark
Augur Buzzard The Ark
Banded Martin Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC
Bateleur Buffalo Springs; Nyere; Shaba
Bearded Woodpecker Windsor G & CC
Black Kite Around Nairobi
Black Roughwing Windsor G&CC, Nairobi
Black-bellied Bustard Buffalo Springs
Black-bellied Firefinch Windsor G&CC, Nairobi
Black-faced Sandgouse Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Black-headed Heron Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP;
Black-shouldered Kite Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC
Blacksmith Plover Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC;
Blue-eared Glossy-starling Nyeri
Blue-naped Mousebird Nairobi
Bristle-crowned Starling Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Bronze Mannikin Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC;
Bronze-naped Pigeon Mountain Lodge
Brown Parisoma Mountain Lodge
Crested Francolin Buffalo Springs
Cattle Egret Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP
Chanting Goshawk Nairobi NP
Chin-spot Batis Mountain Lodge; The Ark
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater Windsor G&CC
Common Moorhen Windsor G&CC, Nairobi
Crested Francolin Shaba
Crombec Buffalo Springs
Crowned Crane Nairobi NP; The Ark
Crowned Hornbill The Ark
Crowned Plover Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP; Shaba
Dark Chanting-Goshawk Shaba
Didric Cuckoo Nairobi NP
Drongo Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Dusky Flycatcher Mountain Lodge
Eastern Double-collared Sunbird The Ark
Egyptian Goose Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP; The Ark; Windsor G&CC
Egyptian Vulture Buffalo Springs
Ethiopian Swallow Buffalo Springs
Fan-tailed Raven Sarova Shaba Lodge
Fiscal Shrike Windsor G&CC
Fischer's Starling Sarova Shaba Lodge
Golden Pipit Buffalo Springs
Golden-breasted Starling Buffalo Springs
Golden-winged Sunbird The Ark
Great Cormorant Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC;
Great Sparrowhawk Windsor G & CC
Green Woodhoopoe Buffalo Springs
Grey Flycatcher Windsor G&CC
Grey Heron Nairobi NP; The Ark
Grey Hornbill Buffalo Springs
Grey-backed Cameroptera Windsor G&CC
Grey-capped Warbler Mountain Lodge
Grey-headed Kingfisher Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Grey-headed Sparrow Buffalo Sp; Shaba; Windsor G&CC; Grey-rumped Swallow Nairobi NP
Grosbeak Weaver Windsor G&CC
Hadada Ibis Mountain Lodge; Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC
Hamerkop Buffalo Springs; Mountain Lodge; Nairobi NP; The Ark; Windsor G&CC
Helmeted Guineafowl Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP; Shaba
Hildebradnt's Starling Shaba
Hooded Vulture Nairobi NP
Hunter's Cisticola Mountain Lodge; The Ark
Hunter's Sunbird Buffalo Springs
Kikuyu White-eye Karen; The Ark
Lappet-faced Vulture Buffalo Springs
Lilac-breasted Roller Buffalo Springs
Little Bee-eater Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Little Grebe Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC
Long-crested Eagle Nairobi NP
Long-tailed Cormorant Buffalo Spr; Sarova Shaba Lodge
Long-tailed Shrike en route
Malachite Kingfisher Nairobi NP; Sarova Shaba Lodge; Windsor G&CC
Marabou Buffalo Springs; Mountain Lodge; Nairobi NP; Sarova Shaba Lodge
Mottled Mousebird The Ark
Mountain Wagtail The Ark
Northern Brubru Buffalo Springs
Northern Pied Babbler Nairobi NP; Windsor G&CC
Olive Thrush The Ark
Olive-breasted Mountain Greenbul The Ark
Orange-bellied Parrot Buffalo Springs
Ostrich Nairobi NP
Pale Chanting Goshawk en route; Buffalo Springs
Pale Flycatcher Buffalo Springs
Palm Swift Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Pied Crow Around Nairobi
Pin-tailed Whydah Nairobi NP
Pygmy Falcon Shaba
Pygmy Flycatcher Buffalo Springs
Pygmy Kingfisher Buffalo Springs
Red-billed Buffalo-weaver Shaba
Red-billed Hornbill Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Red-capped Robin-chat Windsor G&CC
Red-eyed Dove Windsor G&CC
Red-faced Weaver Sarova Shaba Lodge
Red-fronted Parrot The Ark
Red-knobbed Coot The Ark
Reichenow's Weaver Mountain Lodge; Nairobi
Ring-necked Dove Windsor G&CC
Robin Chat Nairobi NP; The Ark
Rufous Sparrow Nairobi NP
Ruppell's Robin Chat Windsor G&CC
Ruppell's Starling en route
Sacred Ibis Windsor G & CC
Scaly Francolin The Ark
Secretary Bird Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP; Shaba
Somali Bee-eater Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Somali Courser Shaba
Somali Golden-breasted Bunting Buffalo Springs
Somali Ostrich Buffalo Springs; Shaba
Southern Black Flycacher Buffalo Springs
Speckled Mousebird Mountain Lodge; Windsor G&CC;
Speckled Pigeon Around Nairobi; Sarova Shaba Lodge
Spur-winged Plover Sarova Shaba Lodge; Shaba
Squacco Heron Buffalo Springs; The Ark; Nairobi NP
Steaky Seedeater The Ark
Steel-blue Whydah en route - The Ark/ACC
Streaky Seedeater Aberdare Country Club; The Ark
Striped Swallow Nairobi NP
Superb Starling Buffalo Springs; Shabal Windsor G&CC
Tacazze Sunbird Nairobi; Windsor G&CC
Taita Fiscal Buffalo Springs; Nirobi NP; Shaba
Tawny Eagle Nairobi NP
Tawny-flanked Prinia Nairobi NP
Tropical Boubou Mountain Lodge; The Ark; Windsor G&CC
Vulturine Guineafowl Buffalo Springs
Variable Sunbird Nairobi; Windsor G&CC;
Verreaux's Eagle Windsor G&CC
Verreaux's Eagle Owl Buffalo Springs
Violet-backed Starling Buffalo Springs
Von der Decken's Hornbill Sarova Shaba Lodge
Vulturine Guineafowl Buffalo Springs
White-backed Vulture Nairobi NP
White-bellied Bustard Buffalo Springs
White-bellied Go-away Bird Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP
White-bellied Go-away-bird Buffalo Springs
White-bellied Tit Karen; Windsor G&CC
White-browed Buffalo-weaver Near Shaba
White-browed Coucal Sarova Shaba Lodge
White-browed Scrub-robin Nairobi NP
White-browed Scrub-Robin Nairobi NP; Sarova Shaba Lodge
White-browed Sparrow-weaver Sarova Shaba Lodge
White-chinned Prinia Mountain Lodge
White-crowned Shrike Buffalo Springs; Shaba;
White-eyed Slaty-flycatcher Mountain Lodge; The Ark Windsor G&CC
White-headed Buffalo-weaver Buffalo Springs; Shaba; Windsor G&CC,
White-headed Mousebird en route
White-naped Pigeon Mountain Lodge
White-throated Bee-eater Buffalo Springs
Yellow-billed Duck The Ark
Yellow-billed Hornbill Shaba area
Yellow-billed Stork The Ark
Yellow-crowned Bishop Nairobi NP
Yellow-crowned Canary The Ark
Yellow-necked Spurfowl Buffalo Springs; Nairobi NP, Shaba
Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird Windsor G&CC
Yellow-throated Longclaw Nairobi NP
Yellow-vented Bulbul Around Nairobi; Mountain Lodge; The Ark; Windsor G&CC
Zitting Cisticola Nairobi NP
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