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Photos from Kakamega Forest, Kenya

The Kakamega Forest, situated in Western Kenya, near the border with Uganda, is the eastern extreme of the Guineo-Congolean rainforest, which stretches right across west and central Africa. It is a living remnant from the Pleistocene period, and the only true tropical rainforest in Kenya.
One of the main problems facing the forest is the collection of dead and live wood for fuel use by people in communities adjoining the forest.
The light levels within the forest are, as you would expect, very low, making bird photography difficult.
We went up Lirhanda Hill with Wilberforce, and into a disused gold mine, which is now a bat cave.
View of Kakamega Forest from Lirhanda Hill
Duncan and Wilberforce going down Lirhanda Hill.
Butterfly flower
Butterfly flower.
Wilberforce told us it is used by the Luhiya to treat veneral diseases.
Don't ask!
A very useful guidebook to the forest has been produced by the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Forestry Department. It is published by the Kenya Indigenous Forest Conservation Programme Honeyflower

Anyone knowing the species of spider or chameleon, please contact me:

Green Spider
Green-veined Charaxis
Mother of pearl butterfly
Mother of Pearl Butterfly
Common Green Charaxis Butterfly
Common Green Charaxis
Grateful thanks to Mico Jansson for identifying the butterflies for me! Black-tipped Diadem butterfly
Black-tipped Diadem
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