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Wilberforce Okeka, our Luyia bird guide
This is our expert bird guide, Wilberforce Okeka, who shared not only his bird identification skills but also taught us a lot about the forest.
You can hire a bird guide through reception at Rondo, or directly.
We stayed for four nights at Rondo Retreat Centre in Kakamega Forest, western Kenya in 1997. Duncan working up his drawings

Above is a manipulated image of Duncan working on the verandah of our cottage at Rondo Retreat. The Retreat is an idyllic place to stay, right in the heart of the forest. It is really clean and comfortable, and the food is beautifully cooked. You get afternoon tea brought to you on your verandah.
You have to take off your shoes, which seems a bit strange until it rains! This is rainforest, and when we were there it rained very heavily on three afternoons.
The soil is heavy red clay, so by the time you've waded back to Rondo, your shoes are caked in mud.
There are many birds to be seen in the grounds of the Retreat, and the afternoon we arrived there were Black-and-white Colobus monkeys playing in the trees.

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