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Safari Mileage

Your mileage will be costed into your trip price. What this means is that whatever is in your itinerary is exactly what you get. Anything else which isn't specified on the itinerary is extra, whether it be a visit to a tribal village, a late morning trip or whatever.
I once heard an American grandmother who (for some inexplicable reason) had taken her many bored grandchildren on safari, trying to arrange with her driver for some extra activities. He was patiently and politely explaining to her that "That's what it says on your itinerary: 'ample time around pool'."
Be warned. What you see is what you get; and more to the point, if it isn't in your itinerary, you certainly won't get it, or at best you'll incur extra cost.
Even though on a private tour, the driver and vehicle are 'at your disposal' (it's important to get this in writing), you'll still be priced on an expected mileage, and you can't expect to go to far-away places not on your itinerary - for example if you are spending two nights in a particular park, you will be priced to spend the day game-viewing in the park, unless you requested something else in advance, or are willing to pay the extra.

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