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Safari Accommodation in East Africa

There is accommodation available at many price points, but inside the actual parks they tend to be middle to high budget. There are also some very basic campsites for those intrepid travellers doing-it-themselves, which we've never done (travel time is too short to waste on chores!). My own priority in accommodation is location - I do not want to have to spend time driving to the best viewing spots in the early morning. I find that the moderate-priced lodges are generally more than adequate for my needs. However, the experience of the luxury tented camps is something else, not to be sneezed at. The main advantage is the smaller size of the nicer camps. However, some of the high-price camps are getting very big, and outgrowing this advantage.
I also tend to like having a lot of wildlife around the lodge - a waterhole or river, or feeding stations for birds or genets and bushbabies. I have never stayed at a place which I wouldn't stay at again. (I did arrive at a homestay which I didn't stay at as it was damp, but it isn't used by the safari companies, I had made a special request because of location. Our driver-guide found somewhere else very suitable, and only slightly further away from the place we wanted to go.)
On most 'off the shelf' general safaris in Kenya, the deal is two game drives a day - one before breakfast, the other about 3 or 3.30 until about 6.30. In Tanzania it seems more usual to pick up a packed lunch at breakfast time and stay out all day. (But read the small print on your itinerary carefully.)

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