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Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge is on the lower reaches of Mount Kenya. It is currently owned by the Serena group. When we were there, it was owned by AT&H.
It will be interesting to see what Serena does with the Lodge.
When we stayed, the procedure was that your own driver drove you to Mountain Lodge for lunch, then you stayed all afternoon and overnight. Rooms overlooking the waterhole have balconies or large picture windows. You could leave at a leisurely pace after breakfast.
The entrance to Mountain Lodge (32k)
Bushbuck We were greeted by a young male bushbuck just before entering the Lodge grounds. In the morning, we saw a pair of duiker, but we haven't managed to get to grips with specific duiker identification yet!
You can view from your balcony or windows, or from the roof. You can walk along the boardwalk which leads to the lodge, which is good for close encounters with monkeys and for birdwatching - even the car park can be good for birding.
There is an underground viewing hide, reached by a carpetted tunnel. From here, you can really eyeball some animals which may come close, like this Warthog, and the Giant Forest Hog below right.
You have to be aware of the Mount Kenya Sykes Monkey (below), a member of the Gentle Monkey superspecies. They are very tame on the boardwalk - the photo below was taken with a compact camera.
Sykes Monkey Giant Forest Hog. These porcids rootle less than other pigs, and prefer grass (30k)
The Sykes' (left) are always looking for a chance to get into rooms at the Lodge to steal chocolate - they recognise all the wrappings. You are warned to keep your balcony windows and door closed. When we were there, someone had ignored this advice, and a monkey was in their room squeezing out toothpaste.
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