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Aberdares Country Club

Bird list

three lunchtime in-transits

Anteater Chat
Black Kite
Blacksmith Plover
Cape Rook
Common Bulbul
Fan-tailed Raven
Great Sparrowhawk
Hunter's Sunbird
Little Grebe
Long-tailed Fiscal-shrike
Long-tailed Widowbird (nearby)
Pied Crow
Pin-tailed Whydah
Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu
Robin Chat
Rueppell's Long-tailed Starling

Rufous Sparrow
Rufous-backed Manikin
Sacred Ibis
Speke's Weaver
Straw-tailed Whydah
Streaky Seedeater
Taita Fiscal
Tropical Boubou

Mammals Seen

Bush Squirrel
Aberdares Country Club (35k)
Aberdares Country Club is the base lodge for The Ark. You stay there for lunch then get bussed up to the Ark, leaving all but overnight bags in storage.
You can also stay at the Club, where various walks and sporting activities are on offer.
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