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Birds of Kenya and Tanzania (thumbnails)

Note: these pictures are the very opposite of a 'gallery'!
They are blown-up tiny pieces of 35mm grainy slides, which have now - at long last! - been thrown out.
Click on the thumbnails for larger images: some of which are better!
Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse thumbnail - 3823 bytes African Dusky flycatcher thumbnail - 2735 bytes African Open-billed Stork - 2825 bytes African Mourning Dove thumbnail - 3765 bytes
Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse
African Dusky Flycatcher
African Open-billed Stork
African Mourning Dove
Ashy Starling thumbnail - 3449 bytes Common Drongo - 2269 bytes CROWNED PLOVER Cut-throat thumbnail - 7Kb
Ashy Starling
Common Drongo
Crowned Plover
White-bellied Go-away Bird - thumbnail - 2870 bytes Lesser Striped Swallow: thumbnail - 3123 bytes Namaqua Dove thumbnail - 2595 bytes Nubian Woodpecker thumbnail - 2963 bytes
White-bellied Go-away Bird
Lesser Striped Swallow
Namaqua Dove

Nubian Woodpecker
Olive Thrush thumbnail - 3090 bytes African Paradise Flycatcher thumbnail - 3020 bytes Pied Kingfisher thumbnail - 4Kb Pin-tailed Whydah thumbnail - 2152 bytes
Olive Thrush
African Paradise Flycatcher
Pied Kingfisher
Pin-tailed Whydah
Red-and-Yellow Barbet thumbnail - 3745 bytes RED-CHEEKED
Red-necked Spurfowl thumbnail - 3378 bytes Rüppell's Robin-Chat thumbnailÍ - 3466 bytes
Red-and-Yellow Barbet
Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu\
Red-necked Spurfowl
Rüppell's Robin-Chat
Somali Bee-eater thumbnail - 3823 bytes Sooty Chat thumbnail - 2103 bytes Speckled Pigeon thumbnail - 3843 bytes Speke's Weaver thumbnail - 2369 bytes
Somali Bee-eater
Sooty Chat
Speckled Pigeon
Speke's Weaver
Spotted Morning Thrush thumbnail - 2973 bytes Streaky Seed-eater thumbnail - 2852 bytes Striped Kingfisher thumbnail - 2923 bytes Vulturine Guinea-fowl thumbnail - 3725 bytes
Spotted Morning Thrush
Streaky Seed-eater
Striped Kingfisher
Vulturine Guinea-fowl
White-browed Coucal thumbnail - 3358 bytes White-crowned Shrike (thimbnail) - 4Kb White-naped Raven thumbnail - 4009 bytes Woolly-necked Stork - 3100 bytes
White-browed Coucal
White-crowned Shrike
White-naped Raven
Woolly-necked Stork

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