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Sokoke Scops Owls in Kenya's Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Sokoke Scops Owls
Red phase Sokoke Scops Owls
In 1997, we stayed at Ocean Sports Hotel in Watamu, on the Kenya Coast. We hired a car and drove every morning, with a packed breakfast into the Arabuko-Sokoke forest. (This is a habitat known as 'coastal cloud forest'.) We sought the resident bird-guide David Ngala, who had been recommended to us before our trip, and he met us every morning. Not only did he show us many of the bird specialities of the forest, but without him we would certainly have got lost! He found these gorgeous, cutsie Sokoke Scops Owls for us - just like two tiny teddy bears! There are two colour phases - these reddish ones and a greyer phase. With his help, we found all of the forest endemics, and many other specialities of the forest. He even managed to find an African Pitta for us - way above our expectations!
From Watamu, we also went to Mida Creek and the coastal area outside Malindi to look for coastal species.
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