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Ol Tukai Lodge sign

Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli

On our safari in July 2002, we stayed 3 nights at Ol Tukai Lodge.

From our point of view it has two special features:
Firstly you get a fantastic view of Mt Kilimanjaro and the plains just in front of the lodge (kept at bay by a fence!) often has wildlife passing through, like Elephant, Zebra, Gazelles and even a Spotted Hyaena!

One of the 'blocks' of cottages is actually called Kilimanjaro, since it looks out onto the mountain, so you can sit on the safari chair outside your room looking at the mountain and any passing game. If you have any say (e.g. if you are on a private safari) it is really worth requesting one of these, though actually seeing the mountain, as always, depends on the low cloud conditions.

The second attraction for us is the extensive grounds, in which many birds and lizards can easily be seen.

The pictures on this page show (from the top down)

  • the entrance sign
  • the main entrance
  • the restaurant and
  • the pool area
Ol Tukai Lodge main entrance
Ol Tukai Lodge restaurant
Ol Tukai Lodge pool area
African Hoopoe (Upupa epops) feeding young

We were especially lucky in that the cottage we stayed in had African Hoopoes nesting in the roof. This species lays asynchronously, so just at the time we were there, it was feeding one young out on the lawn and at least one still in the nest: couldn't have been better!

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View of Mt Kilimanjaro from Ol Tukai
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