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Photos of wildlife at Amboseli NP, Kenya

Palm tree scenic at Amboseli NP A typical Amboseli scene
Bohor Reedbuck We haven't seen Bohor Reedbuck often: Duncan saw one on our first trip, in the pool from the Lookout at Keekorok in the Masai Mara, and we saw another on our trip to Ruma. We didn't see them on two previous trips to Amboseli. However, this one and its mate stayed around for a while.
Mirage at Amboseli Another interesting feature of Amboseli is its mirages.
I had wondered for a while if it's possible to photograph a mirage, and it is. The problem is proving to people that what's in the photo (in this case, what looks like a lake behind the dust devil) didn't actually exist. It is very difficult to disbelieve the evidence of your own eyes when you're there: even though you know that the lake doesn't exist.
There is a lesser known wildebeest migration between Amboseli National Park and Nairobi National Park.
In 1999, they were in Amboseli when we were there at the beginnig of our safari.
Less than two weeks later, we saw them again, having just arrived in Nairobi NP.
Wildebeest evening migration
In the evenings they, with zebras, go up into the hills, apparently for safety.
A hi-res vesrion of this image is available at: View My Portfolio
Fighting Male wildebeests about to thrust-fight
Is this individual object-horning, or just scratching a place that's difficult to reach? Scratching?
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Olive Baboon mother suckling baby Olive Baboon mother with baby
Olive Baboon mother and baby

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