Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Large bull elephant on main trackElephants are particularly numerous in Amboseli National Park, and well-known due to Cynthia Moss's research work, Martin Colbeck's stunning photographs and the TV programmes featuring their work, such as Echo of the Elephants.
The Amboseli elephants were also part of the recent Elecam TV programme.
They always have right of way!
Elephant family crossing road in front of vehicle
Mother and baby Elephants
Elephant family with Cattle Egrets
Elephant in Amboseli swamp
This just looked like a piece of marshy land, but elephants could get themselves well submerged.


Then when they came out, they dusted themselves ...

Baby elephant


Young elephant dusting
Elephants in late afternoon light.
..... and walked off out of the sunset in small groups.

Samburu Elephants

Duncan's Elephant sketches
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Elephants at sunset

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