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Some pictures of the Rock Art at Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Rock art from Twyfelfontein In this picture can be seen carvings of, among others, buffalo,oryx, giraffe, rhino and zebra, but the most intriguing is, of course, the lion with spoor in place of both feet and tail tip. Showing the spoor of dangerous animals (or indeed those which are good to eat) as its feet is a very good idea: no doubt about which spoor belongs to which animal; but if that was the reason for it, why are there so few examples? And why does the lion's spoor have five toes, not four like a real lion? There is an alternative theory.
(I only saw one other spoor-footed animal, an elephant.) And what's the significance of a spoor as the tail tip?
Rock art flamingo Rock carved Flamingo
Rock Art animals A bit 'eye of faith' here to name the species.
Rock Art animals Giraffe, elephant, guineafowl?
Rock carvings of animals, spoor and a human footprint Some animal spoor, as well as a rhino, and the head of an animal from above. Our guide, Dekla, said the human footprints may be a form of artist's signature.
Well, maybe! Then again, maybe not.
Rock painting of a 'Bushman' A 'Bushman'!
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Walking around the artworks there were plenty of other things to see.
Twyfelfontein Lodge
Lodge Wildlife

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