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'Bushman skills' walks from Okonjima Lodge, Namibia

Bushman's dwelling A morning activity at Okonjima is to take a 2 km walk, which has been set up with 'stations' which explain how 'San Bushmen' survived, and survive today, in the desert, using materials from nature, such as tortoise shells for bowls, and the fibres inside mother-in-law's tongue to make strong twine.
I don't want to give too much away in case you visit: you don't want to be sitting there thinking, "I know all this"!
Making fire Making fire, using a White-browed Sparrow-Weaver's nest as tinder.
It can take quite a while!
A porcupine trap A porcupine trap.
The Bushmen would set several of these traps. They only killed enough to eat, and always explained to the animals why they had to kill them. If there were any 'spare', it was explained to them that they had enough to eat, and they were being set free - this time.
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