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The Waterhole Hide at Hobatere Lodge, Namibia

Giraffe drinking, rear view There is a large viewing hide raised up over a waterhole to which you can be driven out, and you can ask to be picked up again around a certain time. Excellent for viewing (keep watching all around), it is a bit far for photography. These photos are tiny sections from slides taken with a 500mm lens.
This giraffe took more than an hour to decide it was actually going to drink, so you must commit to being in the hide over the long haul.
Black-backed Jackal with Zebra ribs A pair of Black-backed Jackal came down to the skeleton of a Zebra which Orlando told us had been killed three weeks before. One of them nosed around the corpse for a few minutes, then went to lie down a few yards away, this one seemed hungrier, but very anxious.
Mountain Zebras
Hobatere has its own herd of Mountain Zebras (above), aka Hartmann's Mountain Zebra or Cape Mountain Zebra. This is a totally different species from the Plains/Burchell's/Common Zebra and also from the Grevy's Zebra of northern Kenya and Somalia.
The easiest to spot differences are that it has a dewlap (more pronounced in the males), it has stripes all down its legs and no 'shadow stripes' (both different from the the local race of Plains Zebra) and its stripes form a horizontal 'grid iron' pattern above the rump. They apparently also have a ginger patch above their nose (like the Grevy's), but I wasn't close enough to confirm.
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