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Indian Pond Heron (24k) Bharatpur 1

Keoladeo Ghana:

Bharatpur, India


Indian Pond Heron immature. Of course, being winter, none of the Pond Herons were in their beautiful breeding plumage.

Female Chital or Spotted Deer in the walled garden.

Female Chital
You can go out in a boat which goes right under the breeding trees, for great views without disturbing the birds.
Juvenile Asian Open-billed Stork (21k) Young Asian Open-billed Storks (their bills aren't open yet) in the breeding trees above the lakes.

European Spoonbills breed in the same area

European Spoonbill
Sarus cranes in the mist (30k) We didn't see rare and beautiful Siberian cranes which are a feature of Keoladeo Ghana in winter, but we saw the commoner Sarus Cranes, but only once, in heavy early morning mist.

Indian Roller - beautiful bird, ugly setting!

Indian Roller (34k)
Wild bees Wild bees on comb.

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