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Hotel in Junia/Junea Junia residents

Our accommodation was the beautiful Amar Bagh-Junia, situated in an attractive village with friendly inhabitants. I'd love to stay there for a week! The room we were in overlooked a lake full of water-birds. I thought "I could come here to die. They could just prop me up on my bed overlooking the lake. No better way to go"

Junia children The village has a Hindu Temple, and many shrines, a mosque and a Jain Temple, and everyone lives in harmony.
More Junia children
Spinner The village is very proud of being self-sufficient, being able to supply all its own needs, with its own baker of bread, spinner (above), weaver etc.
Some of the men from the village came down to the hotel to entertain us at dinner with local music and dancing. Dancer
Musicians Villagers


In the mornings, the girls and young women go down to the lakeside to do their washing.

Washing clothes in the lake
Girls and young women washing clothes in the lake at Junia
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