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Gardner Bay, Española

The Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Sea Lions of Gardner Bay are generally placid and very approachable: you just have to watch out for the big Beachmasters.

Galapagos sea-lion in surf
Wet, sleek sea-lion just out of sea running on beach

The trouble with wet sea-lions, however, is getting the camera to auto-focus on them!

Sealion in foreground with boys running in surf Three Galapagos sea-lions dozing on beach

Gardner Bay is a lovely sandy beach which is ideal for families, who are free to wander, swim, build sand-castles or sunbathe - in amongst the sea-lions. The sea-lions are totally habituated: sometimes they show a vague interest in the human 'intruders', but most of the time they just keep on loafing or get on with their lives regardless.

Me swimming with a sea lion

The sea lions love to swim right up to you and veer away at the very last moment. A bit disconcerting when they are swimming straight towards your face.
This picture of me snorkelling with a sea-lion was taken by John Muddeman.

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