Farewell Cocktail Dinner
MV Beluga

The Galápagos Islands

Here are some of my shipmates in the lounge, just before cocktails were served on the last night of the cruise.

Clockwise from front right: Andy, Pat, Marie, Paul, Tim, Richard, David and Armin

People in ship's lounge deck

The picture above also shows the lounge area, with a good collection of books about the Galapagos as well as novels and magazines provided for reading - if you could find the time.
One of the dining tables was also in this area.
The white notice board was used for outlining each day's timetable of activities, with a note of what highlights we should see, what footwear we should wear and the essential reminder of what to carry with us (e.g. sunscreen and water!). Each evening our guide, Silvia, gave us a briefing outlining the next day's programme.

Photo of Georges

This is ever-cheerful Georges: barman, waiter and cabin steward, preparing the cocktails.


El Capitán, Wilson Cordova, thanked us for sailing on the Beluga and wished us happy onward travels.
We, via John, thanked him and the crew for all the work, seen and unseen, which made the trip such a fantastic one. We all had a great time.

Some of the crew

Some of the crew share a joke.

The chef was in particularly buoyant mood, since he was going on holiday the next day.
Marie, who had managed to avoid the Salsa-ing earlier in the week, nevertheless managed to trip the light fantastic with the chef before the meal began.
The chef had done a fantastic job, providing food (three meals a day plus snacks) for 16 travellers and 8 crew from a tiny kitchen which was constantly on view, and which was constantly spotless.

Chef and Marie dancing

Our table at the Cocktail dinner

This is the dining room.
From the front,anti-clockwise, Martin, Laida, Marie, Pat, Andy, Paul (obscured)

The other table, in the lounge area.
From left to right:
Laura, Silvia (guide), Armin, Ursh and Toni.

People at the lounge table

Cutting the cake

Laida and Marie cut the cake, while Martin looks on in delighted anticipation.
It was a lovely cake too, very light and chocolate-y.

The other table again

Tim arrives at the lounge table.
Already seated, from the back (facing us) clockwise:
Laura, Richard, John, Silvia, Armin, Ursh.

Greg wasn't at the table when I took the group shot, so he got a separate photo.


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