Farewell Dinner

The Galápagos Islands

26th July 2005

Table setting - 24Kb

After the final landing of our trip (on Santa Fé) we had to start packing for our early morning departure, but also we had our farewell meal to look forward to.
Richard, our hardworking steward, prepared the cocktails and set a special table, heightening our anticipation of the meal to come.

Before dinner, we made our grateful formal goodbyes to our fantastic, hard-working crew and to our official Galápagos guide.

Some of the crew - 26Kb Darwin and Jorge - 20Kb

Left to right: Richard, the Steward, Monica, Roberto, the Captain, José the chef and Pedro the Engineer. All of the crew and our guide were excellent, often doubling up rôles, to make sure we all enjoyed our trip.

Darwin the First Mate and Jorgé the sailor. Sorry, Darwin: this is a very poor likeness.

buffet - 24Kb

Peter, Carol and Alan enjoy a joke just before we all dive in to the buffet: main course - Slipper Lobster.


Observation: isn't it sad that when you scrunch a 14.1Mb pic into 24Kb for the web, it looks as if you'd taken it on a very cheap cellphone. :-(

Left to right: Rose and Peter, on a Ruby Wedding anniversary trip, and Roger and Judy. group - 29Kb
group - 30Kb

Left to right: Monica, Martha, Margaret, Graham (sp?), Theresa, Dave and Dick.

Note: the 'smudge' behind Dick's head is me trying to cover up 'flash flare' on a glazed picture !

Group at table
Left to right: Judy, Janet, Peter, Carol, Alan

This was the second special cake we had on the trip: it had been Monica's birthday on the 18th, and knowing her penchant for chocolate, José hof made her a special chocolate cake. This one was a farewell and Bon Voyage cake: in Spanish, so course! cake - 25Kb

Cake Cutting - 27Kb

Having "got married" on the Equator, Theresa and Dave (you'll just have to take my word he was there too) were the obvious choices to cut the cake, with Roger and Judy looking on..
Good luck for your 'landlubber' wedding!

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