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There are two species of Land Iguana on the Galápagos Islands: the endemic Santa Fé species Conolophus pallidus and the more widespread Conolophus subcristatus, which we saw on Seymour Norte and at Gardner Bay on Isabela. The latter species is also found on Fernandina, Santiago, Santa Cruz, Baltra and Plaza Sur.

Land Iguana

Land Iguana 23Kb

The Land Iguanas are much bulkier than the Marine Iguanas, but in any case, the iguanas are easily told apart by their colour.

The small island of Santa Fé has its own full endemic species of Land Iguana, Conolophus pallidus. The adult males of this species a longer row of spines down its back as far as its tail.
This one was photographed in lovely, late-afternoon light.

Santa Fé Land Iguana - 28Kb.

Santa Fé Land Iguana - 27Kb

This one was in shade, but was 'posing' in a very dinosaur-like position, so I couldn't resist taking his pic and adding it to my site.

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