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"It is not the strongest species which survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change"

Charles Darwin, HMS Beagle, 1835

Daily Diary/Trip Report 2004

Daily Diary/Trip Report 2005

Bird List and other species seen 2004

Bird List and other species seen 2005

The Islands

Isla Bartolomé

Summit Trail

- Tuff cones, Heartbreaker Hill and Pinnacle Rock


Gardner Bay

- beach, sea lions, Hood Mockingbird, Large Cactus Finch, (conirostris subspecies), Española Lava Lizard.

Punta Suarez

- Nazca Booby, Waved Albatross, Marine Iguana (venutissimus subspecies)


Punta Espinoza

- Marine Iguana (cristatus subspecies), Galápagos Sealions.


Punta Cormorant

- Greater Flamingoes, Floreana Lava Lizard, Greater Painted Locust, Post Office Bay.

Black Beach

- Black Beach, Puerto Velasco Ibarra, The Wittmer Place, Medium Tree Finch.



- Opuntia helleri, Manta Ray (dead)

Genovesa birds

- Red-footed Booby, Nazca Booby, Great Frigatebird, Galápagos Mockingbird (bauri subspecies), Swallow-tailed Gull, Short-eared Owl (galapagoensis subspecies)

Great Frigatebirds

- adult females, small downy chick, wing gloss close-up


- Obligate sibling murder (siblicide) in Nazca Booby chicks


- Red-tailed Booby stealing stick from nest of Great Frigatebird

Short-eared Owl

- photo of galapagoensis race looking at sky (watching petrels?)

Swallow-tailed Gull

- immature bird and apparently abandoned egg.


Punta Moreno

- brackish lagoon, lava cactus, pahoehoe lava

Urbina Bay

- 'wet landing', coral, Flightless cormorant, Cricket, Land Iguana hole, Ground Finch pair, Galápagos Cotton, Hairy Morning Glory

Santa Cruz

Charles Darwin Research Centre

- Giant Tortoise breeding centre, Galápagos Flycatcher (parvulus subspecies), skeleton, Marine Iguana portrait, Lava Gull, Municipal Dock, Puerto Ayora harbour.


- Los Gemellos, Giant Tortoise (porteri subspecies)

Santa Fé

Barrington Bay

- Beach with sea-lions, injured young sea-lion, Galapagos Mockingbird, Santa Fé Land Iguana, Dick & Monica.

Giant Prickly Pear

- growth and adaptive radiation.


Puerto Egas

- Galápagos Fur Seal, Galapagos Sea Lion, Sallylightfoot Crab eating fish, juvenile & adult Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Galápagos Lava Lizard.

San Cristobal


- Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Chatham Mockingbird, Yellow Warbler, Medium Ground Finch, Galápagos Sea Lions.

Seymour Norte

North Seymour

- Blue-footed Boobies, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Land Iguana, Lava Lizard.


Birds 1

- Brown Pelican, Blue-footed Booby, Flightless Cormorant

Birds 2

- Smooth-billed Ani, Hood Mockingbird, Magnificent Frigatebird

Birds 3

- Galápagos Penguin, Lava Heron, Medium Ground Finch, Warbler Finch

Birds 4

- Swallow-tailed Gull, Galápagos Flycatcher, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.

Birds of Genovesa

- Red-footed Booby, Nazca Booby, Great Frigatebird, Galápagos Mockingbird (bauri subspecies), Swallow-tailed Gull, Short-eared Owl (Galápagos subspecies)

Birds seen en route

- Magnificent Frigatebird in flight, and a Feeding Frenzy of Blue-footed Boobies

Other wildlife

Land Iguanas

- both the Galápagos Land Iguana and the Santa Fé Land Iguana

Marine Iguanas

- Very young ones with adults, swimming, eating algae


- White-tipped Shark, Sallylightfoot Crab, Galápagos Cotton seedhead.

Galápagos Sea Lion

in water and on the beach at Gardner Bay, Española, and a photo of one swimming with me while I was snorkelling!

Dolphins seen en route

- Bottle-nosed and Common Dolphins

My tripmates

Farewell dinner '05

- Photos of my shipmates on, and the crew of, the Cachalote.

Life on Board 2004

- Photos of people on the Beluga trip, often sleeping!

The Farewell Dinner 2004

- The goodbye dinner, with cake and crew! also showing the layout of the main deck 'below'.

The meal at La Ronda 2004

- The Travelling Naturalist dinner at La Ronda, a restaurant in Quito.

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