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Dolphins en route

In July, 2004 we often had Magnificent Frigatebirds Fregata magnificens flying with the boat as we went between islands, showing us how easy travelling should be.
On my July 2005 trip, the weather was windier and the ocean choppier so we weren't so often accompanied by Frigatebirds and I spent more of my 'sailing' time "below, below, below".

Magnificent Frigatebird in flight

start of feeding frenzy - 21Kb

However, when sailing near Isabela one day, there was a sudden 'feeding frenzy', heralded by a pod of excited, jumping dolphins.

Soon, hundreds of Blue-footed Boobies arrived as if from nowhere to partake of the bonanza, and a full-scale 'feeding frenzy' was underway.

more birds arrive to feed - 24Kb
Feeding frenzy - 30Kb

In 2004, I had seen a similar scene in the very early morning at Caleta Tortuga Negro, with Blue-footed Boobies and Brown Pelicans.
Here all the birds in the photos are Blue-footed Boobies, except for three Waved Albatrosses.

Dolphins en route

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